Hey lovies! Welcome to my little sanctuary on the internet. I’m geeked you stopped by.

If you’re a mom, wife, or everyday working gal (or maybe all of the above) who strives daily to be better than yesterday and pursuing your purpose all while staying fly……then you’re in the right place. I don’t claim to be an experienced writer or highly acclaimed life coach but what I know for sure is that I aspire to inspire, empower women, and wake up with a goal to seek and pursue my life’s mission.   And promising to sustain my joy and happiness along the way. We are all on the roller coaster of our lives. It’s how we chose to take that ride, fearlessly or with our eyes closed.

Sooooo who is SHEE you ask….

dz7a3688I’m a mommy and wife, Oprah and Beyonce’s BFF (in my head), nail polish hoarder, coffee and mug junkie, and lover of pretty things.

In addition to being new on the blogging block, I’m a legal drug dealer (pharmacist). While I like my career, it’s not that thing that keeps me up at night or makes my heart skip a beat. When I’m not counseling patients on their medication, I’m working on a side hustle, kissing my baby boy 1000 times a day, and getting my post baby body in shape.

I’ve longed to create a space to encourage women, especially working moms to practice self love and to be their best selves while striving to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s from sharing my story, a book I’ve read, or from lessons I’ve learned that leave you inspired, makes you smile, or unlocks something greater within. So come journey with me unapologetically through this thing called life and look and feel great while doing it.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee in a gorgeous mug (or glass of wine if it’s that time) and let’s be friends! Enjoy my sanctuary and sign up for my emails to be the first to receive splashes of girly goodness in your inbox. Thanks for visiting!