Sometimes mommas need a break away from the endless to do lists and piles of laundry. This was a beautiful day to let go and live in the moment. I’ll share a few things about our day and why we’ll continue this in the future.

As mothers we are always planning and pushing to make sure our children have the best and all that the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.  We often wait for the “perfect” time to play and overthink it instead of living in the moment. An unplanned picnic is the perfect chance to spend time with our babies, get some fresh air and take a break from mommy duties and the other pressures of life. It’s often the unplanned events that we have the most fun and leave us with the biggest impression on the heart.


You don’t have to spend time looking for the perfect place.  It can be a near by park or your back yard. So Zach and I had dinner on our lawn, played catch and swing until we couldn’t take it anymore. Kids don’t care about a perfectly planned playdate or that they had a five-star meal for dinner. As mommas we put more emphasis on those things than needed. They just want to simply spend time with us and play.

When I got off from work, I ran in the house grabbed a few things he would enjoy and went to pick him up from school.  I grabbed a bag, blanket, a few books and a couple of his favorite toys. The books I chose for the week were “Rocks and Rice” and “Doc Like Mommy”.  I didn’t have time to prepare dinner so I decided it was going to be a Chic-fil-a night. If you’re on a tight budget get some fruit, water or juice and make sandwiches. We have become so consumed with things being perfect and pretty we forget what’s really important.

One of the most repeated pieces of advice from other mom’s has been “Enjoy every moment because they grow fast”. It’s so true and I remind myself periodically. Having lost my niece at the age of 13, I’m intentional about keeping fleeting moments in prospective. I try to relish every giggle, inch of growth, every new word he utters, the baby smell (ummm I should really give that up, he has stinky feet already) and every kiss or embrace. This picnic was all about those moments and remembering what matters most….LOVE.

What are some of your unplanned play dates with your kids?


Shee inspires….

Every blog post I’m going to share with you things I love, read, something that resonated with me, dope ish and coffee mugs, swanky spots and of course mommy hacks.
This month Shee likes… Informed Delivery.  This is super cool.  Every day you receive an email with digital images of your expected mail or packages for the day. Check it out here.

This month I encourage you to do something spontaneous with your family or friends or take your lunch break on the outside patio. Do something to break away from the mundane, breathe/meditate or read something nourishing to your heart.

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