We all have our days where we feel like things are falling apart and we won’t survive. No matter how much we plan, pray and push forward sometimes it’s not up to us. Whether it’s looking for a job, trying to conceive a child, behind on bills, friendships lost, dreams deferred, broken heart, or illness…we have to trust the journey. It is easier said than done but by focusing less on the destination and more on the journey we’re given a sense of peace. When experiencing life’s challenges, I think about the eye of a hurricane, where the storm is lighter or calm (peaceful). The hurricane is wreaking havoc around the center, exceeding 100 miles/hour winds but you are unbothered because have found that place of peace.

We have to trust that all things will come together in the end. When life overwhelms you take it one day at a time and if necessary one hour at a time. We often think about the outcome while going through difficult times and it doesn’t benefit us.

“I am learning to trust the journey even when I don’t understand it” Mila Bron

If you think back to your last challenge, it served a purpose and did not fail you, right? Challenges are geared to make you stronger and wiser. We can’t be afraid of the outcome but challenge ourselves to receive the lesson and the blessing from it. Sometimes we have to let go of the plans and simply trust, breathe, pray and wait.

Shee leaves you with this….

  • Life is a blessing with all of its challenges
  • Stay patient and be grateful for the obstacles
  • Learn and grow from them because they will serve you in the end
  • Trust your journey and know that what’s ahead is brighter than the road behind you

Now go….find your center,