Welcome to Sheena-land! A place that prides itself on self-love, pursuit of purpose, giving, and inspiring women. Over the past 3 years I’ve grown and learned tremendously from life’s ups and downs. From unexpectedly losing my 13 year old niece, getting married, losing friends and strengthening other friendships, reading Shonda Rhimes book “Year of Yes” and giving birth to my now 10 month old son, Zachary.  Those moments laid the foundation for my 2016 Year of Yes. This year for the first time I have actually felt the growth and I’m eager to share with you the things I said yes to this year.



My year of yes began with saying yes to ME! That doesn’t mean there weren’t any no’s. It means the moments I said no, it was a resounding yes to myself. For so long my life was centered around making sure everyone else was thriving and happy. But now I can proudly say and with excitement that over the past year I decided to say YES to ME and the things that revive and sustain “the hum”. The hum, if you’ve heard Shonda Rhimes TED talk is the sound she hears when she’s in her most happy place. (https://www.ted.com/talks/shonda_rhimes_my_year_of_saying_yes_to_everything?language=en) For me instead of a hum, those things that give me joy, makes my heart skip a beat and keeps me up at night. Here are some things that make my heart skip a beat: kissing and cuddling my baby boy, cup of coffee, pretty and inspirational mugs, O magazine, Grey’s Anatomy, reading/books, candles, giving gifts/cards, party planning, game nights, hanging out with my friends/family, cute stationery, nail polish, journals, decorating, listening to podcasts, family dates with my hubby and all things girly and chic.


My year of yes to love began over year ago (July 2015) when I said I do to my husband when many friends and family didn’t expect it. It was a big step in more than the obvious reason but also because it’s what I wanted and made me happy despite popular opinion. I was making a decision for me and little did I know this would only be the beginning. This was also the start of me living unapologetically.


Another milestone “yes” was to God.   After losing my 13-year-old niece, Amyia, I didn’t speak or acknowledge God for over 2 years. I didn’t know I was grieving until my pastor called me one day to have breakfast. He noticed my behavior and demeanor that I had not displayed before my loss. I always tied grief to tears and that’s definitely not always the case. Because I wasn’t crying often I didn’t think I was grieving.  I was angry and didn’t have anything to say to God until 2015. It wasn’t until I found love and the birth of my son was when my relationship with God began to heal or take a noticeable turn. After losing Amyia I had issues trusting Him. I feared loving and losing my loved ones closest to me. I started praying and talking to Him slowly which eventually led to trust again.


And finally, saying yes to lasting joy and happiness. Not the idea of joy but the true God given joy.   The place in my soul that no matter what happens externally and around me I remain joyful and happy. Despite the trials and tribulations there is always something to be happy about and I am so excited to have found that place.


What I Know for Sure

  • Life is like a book and some characters are only written in specific chapters. In this book of life, not everyone will be written until the end and some may come in and out of various chapters. It’s important to know it’s ok and everything has a time, place and reason.
  • You have to do what’s best for you and the things the make you happy despite how others may feel or think.
  • Happiness is truly a journey not a destination and it’s a daily and intentional decision.
  • You should never apologize for your decisions or doing what’s best for you.
  • The journey to true joy and happiness begins with saying yes to you.
  • Grief has no timeframe or outline. Everyone grieves differently and there is no wrong way. God knows your heart and understands your pain.

This year and going forward with great intention, I say YES to Shee, unapologetically!  Please share some things you have said yes to this year.

Until next time,