As a mom of an 18 month old I found myself often apologizing for my child for simply being a kid in public.  I have a thing about toddler tantrums but not any more. Recently, I watched an episode of Grey’s anatomy about a mom on a flight with her toddler child. One of the passengers gave her mean looks and insulted her several times about her child’s behavior.  This episode help me pushed through my fear and anxiety realizing me or my child aren’t the problem but others lack compassion, understanding and baby flight judgement

First Family Flight

So, I finally did it! This was one of my biggest hurdles thus far on my motherhood journey.  I had such anxiety about taking him on a flight. Fear of him acting out or not feeling well because of the cabin pressure, altitude or lack of space.  It was so overwhelming for me that my husband and I would drive 10-18 hours if we were taking a trip.  Not to mention my slight claustrophobia but I did it. I refuse to allow others judgments and my fear keep me and my family from being great and limiting my son’s exposure to new experiences. I’ve gained more patience publicly with my son.  While migrating through the airport terminals he was hungry so we gave him a snack and this was the mess he made trying to eat it.  Did I freak out or get upset, no, not anymore.  And I no longer pay attention to others reaction around me.  I focus on his needs, being there for him and find ways to talk/educate him about his behavior.  I also want him to learn and find his way and making a mess, bumps and bruises or breaking things often comes with it. That does not mean I allow him to be disrespectful or run around unsupervised. 

Then this happen about 2 weeks before our trip to fuel my determination. A friend said

“Why do parents fly with toddlers? They should travel by car or stay home.”

It wasn’t directed towards me but I took offense to it.  I expressed how I felt about her remark and that she should extend some grace to mothers.  We deal with so much without others judgments and one day she may need the same grace extended to her. Needless to say my little guy did great and the airline flight attendants were amazing! My family and I will be catching flights judgement free more often.

Signed Toddler Momma Takes Flight

Mom flight judgement

What Shee knows for sure……..

  • Mommies don’t allow your fear of toddler fall outs keep you from going out or traveling.
  • As mothers we do our best to have well behaved toddlers but we have to remember they are just babies.
  • The judgements, comments and side eyes you may experience are not indicative of your parenting and not to take it personal or internalize it.