This year has been a true test of character to say the least and to add ending it in a lay off was the final kick in the gut. Being laid off in December is truly humbling and emotional.  I thought I was tough but going through this has been an emotional roller coaster.  I will share with you how I’m getting through it.

One day at a Time

I was not expecting to get laid off but it’s what happened. We tend to overwhelm ourselves thinking about “possible” situations that haven’t occurred yet. Next week isn’t here, nor is January, heck tomorrow isn’t here yet so I have to focus on today and sometimes the current hour if I’m honest. I have good and bad moments but I don’t attend pity parties for long.  I could very well have a job next month so we’re budgeting and prioritizing what we have to get through the tough time.

Remember the Reason for the Season

We put up our first tree the day before I was laid off and not having anything under it is was the most painful. But his reaction the first time he came home was priceless.

Being a mommy has made me so emotional.  If it were just me, no big deal, I got this.  But everyday I look at him and feel a sense of failure because he is the reason I work so hard to make sure he has everything he needs and a few added pleasures. And yes I know he won’t remember and doesn’t expect gifts for Christmas but it doesn’t stop the emotions.  A friend earlier today reminded me of the reason for the season and that my son is a gift.  So I’m reminding you to remember the reason, to love now, love everyday as if it’s your last, love hard, and love without fear.

God’s Plan

God has a plan and a reason for me losing my job. It’s hard but I’m trusting He’s working it out for my good. He may have been protecting me or have a better job in store. As my girl tells me, they don’t deserve you anyway. One thing is for sure, Him and I have candid conversations…like what’s up God, you must have a BIG blessing for ya girl cuz this is rough.  GOD: I got you, hold tight 😉


Another bright side to this is I’m using the extra time on my business and I’m adding a stationery and lifestyle box.  I’ve always been a paper lover, a member of the snail mail society and LOVE sending gifts…thus Shee Mail was born.  If you’re a paper snob too, become a member of the SheeHive by clicking below.