I’ve been away a little longer than intended. Life happened (I may share at a later date) and I’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple of projects in addition to my regular schedule as a wife, mom, and pharmacist.  I can’t wait to share them all but today I’m excited to share that I will be launching an online curated gift and stationery shop! It has been a long journey but I’m enjoying every part of it despite the timeline.  I love creating and inspiring others so it’s the perfect side hustle for me.  I love it so much it doesn’t seem like work and confirms the saying to design a life you love. I’m going to share with you how you too can be a girl that decided to go for it.

Remember your why

First, it’s important to take time to think (better yet write) about the reasons why you want to start that business or pursue a passion.   I have a few “why’s” for pursuing different goals but the why behind Shee Design Studio is that I love to create!  In this life I believe we should pursue or engage in the things that makes us happy. Creating truly excites me, brings me so much joy and it’s fun.  Secondly, it has always been a goal to create another stream of income and become a side hustler.  I’ve noticed some people think everyone should become an entrepreneur. They think becoming a full-time entrepreneur should be the ultimate goal for everyone.  And that somehow having a “9-5” makes you less than.  That is by no means a goal of mine and don’t allow anyone to make you feel that way.   I love my profession, a stable income and I am unapologetic about my choices. Lastly, my biggest why is my son.  I made a promise early in life, to create a life that I can provide his needs and wants, show him what hard work and determination looks like and dreams work if you do.

Passion over popularity

Passion will create longevity and happiness versus popularity is fleeting.  If you are making decisions based on being popular, you’re on a treadmill and it will be hard getting off.  You’ll constantly be at the mercy of someone else’s opinion never gaining any ground for yourself or your goals.  When you seek passion or purpose first, popularity will be authentic.  For me, I don’t care much for being popular.  I prefer to have a committed and true tribe of 20 than a wavering tribe of 1000.

Run your race

Everyone has their time and season to bloom.  Don’t compare your winter to someone else’s spring.  You do yourself a disservice when you compare yourself to others or compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20. I’ve been guilty of it too but the key is to check your thoughts and redirect them immediately.  We’re often comparing our journey to internet strangers (AKA The Highlight Reel) and social media friends and it will steal your joy.  You are amazing and gifted to shine like the next person in your own special way and time.  Today, choose to run your own race and do YOUR personal best.  Your success will not be tied to mimicking or envying the next person.

Don’t be afraid

Fear is one of the biggest challenges we face when pursuing our dreams. Ask yourself what’s keeping you from starting, what are you afraid of and begin working through those issues.  My biggest fear is not trying and being in the same place when I’ve been blessed with a gift intended to take me beyond my imagination.  We are already equipped with everything we need to be successful in our gift.  So just go for it!

Set mini goals

There have been several days when I wonder how will I accomplish my dreams and goals while being a wife and mom.  Then I quickly shift my thinking and remind myself that an elephant cannot be swallowed whole but one bite at a time.  We get overwhelmed looking at the big goals, instead break it down into smaller tasks. I recently committed to breaking down the big to do lists into smaller tasks.  Instead of noting on my list “launch shop”, I am more specific and detailed “purchase domain or choose theme”.  I’ve also adopted celebrating my wins no matter how small and without apology.  Just this week I accomplished three tasks one morning before work that had been a thorn in my side for weeks.  Let me tell you, your girl felt HERculean the entire day. You couldn’t tell me anything.  The small wins are just as important as the “big” wins.  Be proud of your progress and the goals you’ve accomplished.

Don’t give up

Everyone encounters bad days and hard times but the key is never giving up. If you need a break or need to change direction, do so, then keep pushing.  I realized just by doing one task a day or sometimes it’s one task per week, it’s progress nonetheless.  I’m one step closer than if I had not done anything at all.  I also remind myself that motherhood does not mean I can not pursue my goals or dreams.  It’s all about prioritizing what’s important in your “right now” moment. I don’t believe that life will ever be “balanced”.  We just make the necessary choices when needed and family is first.  If Zachary, my son, needs or wants my attention while I’m working on my business, business has to wait.  The key word being “wait” because Shee does not give up….ever!

I’m super excited to be on this journey and look forward to you starting yours soon.  If you could start a business, pursue a passion, or do that thing you’re afraid of, what would it be?  And what’s keeping you from doing it?

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