Over the past two weeks life kinda happened. I hurt myself, could not get out of bed for 3 days and my iron levels are very low resulting in fatigue and feeling cold. I am so cold I have the heat set on 80 degrees and it’s 80 outside….yeah. All the self imposed deadlines and ideas to execute are pushed back.  After feeling slumped about it all, I quickly remembered a tidbit from a friend.



As a woman, especially a mom, we have to realize it’s ok to extend ourselves grace. Grace is that temporary exemption or extension of time for those things. It’s something we should all extend to ourselves periodically which in turn will make us better women and mothers.

As hardworking women, we often think we don’t need or deserve grace. That couldn’t be farthest from the truth. We need it the most. We feel this overwhelming sense of guilt for not doing the things we think we should have the energy and time to complete.  We feel unproductive or less than those we “think” are getting it all done.  This is just some of the crap we stress over……

I haven’t touched the six loads of laundry this week.
My child has eaten the same meal for 4 days.
I forgot reply to my girlfriend’s text message from Sunday.
I couldn’t make my cousin’s birthday dinner.

When we realize it’s ok and remove the guilt, we’re actually allowing room for a greater sense of joy and later ending in a deeper sense accomplishment.

What Shee knows for sure….
Giving ourselves grace isn’t all about giving but more about receiving and accepting it, for the little hiccups and the big fumbles.  And remember to do so with no guilt or apology.
How are you at extending grace to yourself?  Is there room to do better?