This year I’m turning 40 so I thought it would be exciting to do a 40 before 40 list.  The list will be comprised of 40 realistic things I love or want to do before my 40th birthday in July with maybe a little spillage into the fall.  Life is short so why not attempt to achieve my life’s little pleasures.  A few friends were dreading turning 40 or felt some type of way (negative) about it. I’m actually looking forward to it and welcome her with an open heart.  It’s really like fine wine for me…I only get better with time.

So without further ado…here’s my 40 before 40 list:

1. Candle making class “Candles and Cocktails” at Candlefish Atlanta

This was the perfect kickoff for the new year and for my list. We had a blast and didn’t want to leave. If you think I was a candle addict before….now I swear I’m a chandler.  To add purpose to the party, I gave the girls thank you jars (with pen/paper).  Each week this year we place a note of thanks, inspiration, a memory or quote inside and on New Year’s Eve read them all.


  1. Birthday photoshoot
  2. Beach date with myself and a good book
  3. Launch my own Subscription box
  4. Begin redecorating and minimalist living
  5. Teeth whitening treatment
  6. Color my hair
  7. Cabin trip
  8. Potty train the little guy
  9. Facial
  10. Buy another matte red lipstick
  11. Become board certified
  12. Lose at least 30lbs
  13. One random act of kindness per month
  14. Lasik eye surgery
  15. Raise credit score/pay off more debt
  16. Master my Canon camera and take more pictures
  17. Host one or two friends events
  18. Read at least 8 books
  19. Date night under the stars
  20. Picnic date part deaux
  21. Subscribe to a subscription box
  22. Complete one of my stationery lines
  23. Take a trip to see my friend Charrise
  24. Binge watch TV one day
  25. Plan a surprise date night for my parents
  26. Start spinning and weight lifting again
  27. Take a random class …like cooking
  28. Clean out my emails and unsubscribe
  29. Buy a Henri Bendel bag and candle
  30. Make a photo album of my son since birth
  31. Find a new therapist
  32. Finish writing my life’s chapter
  33. Host a game night with friends
  34. Clean out the glove compartment and arm rest of my car
  35. Attend a sorority meeting
  36. Work on identifying the alphabet, numbers and colors with my son
  37. Eat more veggies and drink more water
  38. Start a skincare routine
  39. Begin a new hobby
  40. Plan a cool playdate for my son

After my birthday I will share my experiences with you.  I’m excited about the journey, spending time with the people I love and living life with intention and to be present.

What are some things you want to do for your birthday this year?